Service & Capabilities

Cleaning and Maintenance

Correct care and maintenance of formwork is essential to ensure the best finish is obtained on site, we take this very seriously – as care on site should be taken to – and ensure a high-quality product is hired to you.

  • Formwork on hire is routinely checked and marked for any repairs required, including; removal of concrete from plugged holes, sealing of any holes on ply face of form, re- facing forms if necessary.
  • Large repairs to NOE formwork if needed are restored with genuine NOE materials.
  • Formwork is repaired at a quick rate to ensure our equipment gets back to the client quickly to meet hire needs.

Onsite Service

Direct onsite support is offered throughout the entirety of the job to the client, from design of formwork to the execution of structures.

  • Site support for the handling, care and correct storage of NOE formwork systems right through the duration of jobs.
  • Illustrated part lists to ensure correct identification of formwork components.
  • Formwork drawings are designed through discussions with client based on how they will undertake job and what main concerns will be, these early on discussions will ensure any problems are resolved and the job will run accordingly within time frame.